Friendship partners

Help address felt needs of international students including:

Improve Their English Skills
Make Personal Connections
Learn American Culture

What to Expect as a Volunteer:

Relationships can be social or academic.

Get to know your international friend, their priorities for your meet ups, and go from there.

Gain a new friend!

Stay Connected

Contact your conversation partner weekly by phone or virtually.


Commit to your friendship partner for a minimum of 2 semesters.

Be a Great Friend

Be consistent, compassionate and hospitable to your friend.

Get Involved by:

Step 1: Submit an application (help us get to know you better!)


Step 2: We will connect with your reference


Step 3: Submit a background check application

Most friendship partners will complete all 3 steps.

Let your reference know we will reach out!

Contact Nick if you have any questions.

Step 1: Complete the Application Below


Need more Resources?

Find helpful resources below or contact Nick at .